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Nedscaper at Ignite 2019 in Orlando

Absorbing the latest greatest about Microsoft and their roadmap

26 juli 2019

At last year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella placed the focus on consistent developer experiences in multi- and hybrid-cloud, alongside the announcements of new initiatives for “cloud-delivered quantum computing.” Nadella, in his keynote speech in Orlando, also emphasized the role of a consistent and reliable management platform across various cloud environments – including AWS and Google Cloud. Tech Intensity is the keyword moving forward.

For instance, Azure Arc, which was introduced on the first day of Ignite, is “a control panel built for multi-cloud, multi-edge, and for the first time managed data services for where the edge compute is,” stated Nadella.

Azure Arc – manage resources anywhere

The Azure Arc control panel will let organizations leverage Azure to manage their resources across AWS and Google Cloud. The panel will also work for Linux and Windows Servers, and Kubernetes clusters as well. Furthermore, it will allow users to take limited Azure data services to these platforms. Previously, Azure Stack only worked on a limited set of hardware. Though Arc doesn’t have all Azure services, it will be a single platform for enterprises to manage their resources across a multi-cloud environment and their data centers. Owing to the complexities in hybrid environments, the control panel can be a single tool to keep enterprises in the Azure ecosystem.

Endpoint Manager – modernise device management

Per the keynote speech, Microsoft is set to combine ConfigMgr with Intune services that will allow organizations to manage laptops, PCs, tablets, and phones they issue to their employees, all under the Endpoint Manager. It’s also introducing a plethora of tools as well as recommendations to help companies modernize deployment strategies. Also, ConfigMgr users can now get a license to Intune, which will allow them to move to cloud-based management. Because security remains a significant concern in the BYOD world, managing all devices becomes a massive challenge for the IT department. With the latest offering, you can do away with multiple tools and get a single view of deployments.

Yubico Reveals First Biometric YubiKey at Microsoft Ignite

The YubiKey Bio delivers the convenience of biometric login with the added benefits of Yubico’s hallmark security, reliability and durability assurances. Biometric fingerprint credentials are stored in the secure element that helps protect them against physical attacks. The result? A single, trusted hardware-backed root of trust delivering a seamless login experience across different devices, operating systems, and applications. With support for both biometric- and PIN-based login, the YubiKey Bio leverages the full range of multi-factor authentication (MFA) capabilities outlined in the FIDO2 and WebAuthn standard specifications

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