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Microsoft 365 E5 Security

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Organizations have been migrating their IT landscape to the Microsoft cloud and are dealing with an increasingly fragmented landscape. This challenging aspect lowers the control over data and information within your organization which also impacts security requirements, for example concerning the required security logging. Utilizing Microsoft 365 E5 Security products provides the answer to this challenge.

As many organizations, you are currently struggling to find the right resources to manage, structure, and respond to security issues. Nedscaper can provide you with the strategical path forward towards one holistic and fruitful Microsoft Cloud vendor. We understand the current territory challenges like no other and we are exremely experienced in configuring E5 security products leading to one holistic integrated security architecture where signal sharing and zero trust and defense in depth are key to your organizations strategy.

Nedscapers impressive trackrecord of +150 implementations of Microsoft 365 E5 Security provides best of breed consultancy services. Both on time and material basis and fixed-fee basis.

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